A company’s competitive advantage lies in understanding the impact
that government policies have on businesses.


Our recommendations aim at anticipating risks and identifying business opportunities.


We continuously and systematically monitor and assess the impact of policymaking and the decisions of stakeholders and their influencers within the three branches of the government. This allows us to identify risks and opportunities for our clients' business strategies and to find the best approaches when engaging with these stakeholders.


We support our clients in the creation and implementation of institutional positioning strategies and action plans for the three branches of government based on an in- depth understanding of the landscape. We provide assistance and guidance in the contact and interaction with stakeholders and their political influence network.


We support our clients in the creation of business strategies and business development in regulated sectors through the elaboration of studies and economic reports, the creation of public policies and regulations, and the creation of institutional and government relations frameworks.

Prospectiva in numbers


Managers and coordinators with strong advanced academic backgrounds: Master, PhD, MBA, and other postgraduate degrees

Of our US-based clients are Fortune 500



We are located in strategic locations for privileged monitoring of the political world and the business environment.

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