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The Prospectiva+Lunica

was built to offer solutions to the competitiveness challenges which companies that operate under highly regulated environments face. The integrated vision between Public Affairs and Business, at a strategic level, has proved differentiated and effective.

Prospectiva contributes with its expertise of over 15 years in public policies and regulation, while Lunica provides our clients with Business Strategies and Innovation, alongside Intelligence about competitive environments and concerning strategic topics.

Examples of problems which we help solve:

  • How to construct strategies that integrate Business, Innovation, Regulations, and Public Policy perspectives?
  • Evaluation of market dynamics in which companies operate and how regulation can amplify or reduce my market share?
  • How regulation and different public policy waves might impact my business model?
  • Which public policies are relevant, and which corporate decisions should I make now to manage risks and generate opportunities?
  • How sectoral associations may adjust their actions and strategies in face of new regulatory and market challenges?

Examples of joint actions

Both companies have previously worked on several projects, assisting clients of industries such as infrastructure, energy, health, cosmetics, and agribusiness. Examples of projects:

Redesign of production and distribution for a cosmetics product line in Latin America according to regulatory and market variables.
Strategic evaluation of sectoral priorities for developing Canadian businesses in Brazil.
Latin American strategy for business expansion in infrastructure investment.
Strategy for key issues for utilities: Subsoil Damage Prevention.
Development of a business model for payment methods for a Brazilian logistics firm.
Strategy and Positioning for a health company within a transformation context of remuneration logistics of Health Insurance and Hospitals.
Recommendation of new governance, structure, and agenda for an agribusiness corporate association.
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