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The partnership between

aims to consolidate the presence of Prospectiva in the main capitals of Latin America, while amplifying the services offered by ABECEB to its clients in the countries where Prospectiva is present.

Operating under the name Prospectiva+ABECEB, the Buenos Aires office is a result of a consortium between the two companies and adds decades of experience in the areas of Public Affairs, Business, and Economy. With coverage in the Argentinian and Uruguayan markets, Prospectiva+ABECEB provides Public Affairs solutions focused on public policy and regulations in both countries and within the Mercosur to its clients.

Portfolio of services in Public Affairs offered by Prospectiva+ABECEB:

  • Strategy: Increase clients’ performance vis-à-vis decision makers and influencers; build broad coalition strategies.
  • Monitoring + Analysis (issue management): Guarantee visibility of the most relevant sectoral developments; support the short-term decision making of Public Affairs leadership.
  • Relationship Management: Guide and support relationships with government actors for the joint construction of public policies and regulatory proposals.

Other joint actions

With an understanding of more than twenty industries at the continental level and of dynamic and varied regulatory and political frameworks in which they develop, Prospectiva+ABECEB offer solutions of high added value to its clients, aiding them in transiting through the post-pandemic crises process.

The Prospectiva+ABECEB alliance will allow companies to rely on a business platform of continental scope, thanks to our presence in the main markets, to promote an integral value proposition with a unique regional vision, while understanding the particularities of each market and industry.

Examples of services in the Business area:

Strategy: Provide clients with a broad and detailed view of the environment in which they operate, allowing for the design of effective access strategies (institutional or product-specific) with the aim of increasing market share in regulated markets.
Monitoring + Implementation: Guarantee visibility of sectoral changes capable of impacting, directly or indirectly, the client’s business, supporting short and medium-term decisions.
Access to Regulated Markets: Provide clients with technical-political instruments, capable of mobilizing public sector decision makers, legislators, and other actors around aspects relevant to the business.
Corporate Finances: Support clients in structuring infrastructure projects, through the analysis of economic and financial viability and finance structuring.
Economic consulting solutions: macroeconomic scenarios, early warning systems, demand projections, studies of economic impact, market studies, project feasibility studies, risk analysis and management, white papers, sectorial positioning, reports, among others.


ABECEB is one of the leading consulting firms in economy and business, specialized in understanding the real economy of Argentina and Latin America, covering the experience in macroeconomics and in more than twenty industries of Argentina and throughout Latin America. Its deep sectorial knowledge allows accompanying clients in the identification of risks and opportunities of their business, within dynamic environments of high uncertainty, adding value in the construction of effective strategies that contribute to maximize their rentability in markets.

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