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Debora Miura is an institutional manager and has worked at Prospectiva since 2005, serving as project manager in the health, education, technology, consumer goods and financial industries. She has vast experience in business intelligence, regulation, international trade, and risk and opportunities assessment. Since 2013, she has lead the design and implementation of strategic planning as well as the evaluation of business opportunities and strategic partnerships for Prospectiva. She holds a bachelor’s degree from PUC-SP; a master’s degree in European Union from the Royal Institute of European Studies of Zaragoza, specialized in Management Project from Senac and with an MBA in Big Data from FIAP.

Gabriel Kohlmann is the manager of infrastructure and works at Prospectiva since 2008. He has experience in political, economic and regulatory analysis and intelligence, consulting and strategic planning, working on industrial policy, foreign policy, public-private financing, trade policy, sector analysis, infrastructure policies, business strategies and business development. Kohlmann holds both a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Trevisan Business School, and a master’s degree in International Economy and Development from HTW, Berlin.

Thiago Vidal is the manager of the Political Analysis Unit (NAP) of Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasilia, Thiago Vidal was formerly a contributor to the Division of Disarmament and Sensitive Technologies (DDS) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and in the Inter-Union Department of Parliamentary Assistance (DIAP). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UnB, a master’s degree in Public Policy and Management for Development, and is currently in the process of receiving an MBA in Government Relations at FGV.

Thomaz Daddio has expertise in public affairs programs, institutional engagement and crisis management. Has graduation and master’ studies in Public Policies Management at the University of São Paulo (USP), focused on the decision-making process. Before joining Prospectiva, Thomaz was Public Affairs Manager at Edelman and has worked at São Paulo City Hall.


Luciana Hachmann coordinates the area for the IT team. She is responsible for the sectoral reports, regarding healthcare issues in the legislative and executive branches. Hachmann holds both a master’s degree and a PhD in Political Science from the Kassel University, Germany, and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Trevisan Business School.

Rafaela Henriques coordinates projects in the Health Department, accompanying movements in the three Branches and in regulatory agencies. Rafaela has experiences in strategic projects of insertion of business in the public health market, based on analysis of government policies and programs. She has a degree in International Relations from USP, as well as realizing parts of her studies at the University of Quebec (Canada), and Lyon (France). She is certified in International Management and Leadership (Fondazione CUOA, Italy), Industrial Property (INIPI), Public Budget (MPOG) and Public Finance in Brazil (FIPE).

Raquel Guimarães is the coordinator of Analysis at Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasília. She is experienced in the analysis of elections, with a focus on the Brazilian Senate. Guimarães worked in government relations at the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Soft Drinks, where she collaborated on the inclusion of soft drinks in the simplified taxation system known as “Simples Nacional.” She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political from the University of Brasília. As president of Strategos, junior enterprise of political consulting from University of Brasília, she led and managed projects of political analysis and parliamentary research.

Julia Santos is the coordinator for Prospectiva, supporting analysis and strategic consulting project. She has worked at NGO Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support, focusing on analyzing legal and fiscal milestones for the third sector. During graduation, Julia elaborated a study on the impacts of corporate social responsibility on government interaction. She holds a degree in International Relations from ESPM with a minor in Government Relations and has an extension at IÉSEG School of Management (France).

Bárbara Mendonça is the coordinator of the industry and consumer goods team at Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasília. She has been part of Prospectiva since 2014 and has experience in the elaboration of research and political scenarios, besides supporting the formulation of sectoral strategies involving public policies. Barbara has interned at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the area of services negotiations. She has international experience in France, where he participated in research on public international law at the Université de Cergy Pontoise, and holds a degree in International Relations from UnB.


Adriano Laureno is an economic consultant of the Nucleus of Political Analysis (NAP). He holds a degree in Economic Science from FEA-USP and a Master’s degree in Economic Theory from the same institution.

Alexandra Martinez works at Prospectiva’s office in Miami. She interned at the International Rescue Committee, and at the office of a congressional U.S. Representative. Martinez also interned in the political department of the American Embassy in Brasília, where she deepened her understanding of political reform, Latin-American politics, and international relations. She graduated in International Relations and Political Sciences, with concentration in National Security and Latin American Studies, from Florida International University. Martinez is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Aline Souza is an intern at the Political Analysis Unit (NAP), and is currently studying International Relations at PUC-SP. Before working for Prospectiva, she was coordinator of institutional partnerships at Prisma Consultoria Internacional. Souza also interned at the Network of Political Action for Sustainability (RAPS), an NGO for projects for creating political leadership.

Amanda Oliveira is a consultant for the Consumer and Consumer Goods team in Brasilia, graduated in Political Science from UnB (2018), started her career at Prospectiva Macropolítica as a trainee. He also interned in the Foreign Trade Defense and Trade Division (DDF) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dealing with organizations such as WTO and OECD and anti-dumping cases. At UnB, she took a course on legislation and political process, participated in a Program of Scientific Initiation (ProIC) on political participation and social movements, and was a lecturer in Introduction to Economics at IEMonit.

André da Vila is an intern in the Latin American Team of Prospectiva since 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration in the University Fundação Getúlio Vargas and is now completing a second bachelor’s degree on International Relations in the University of São Paulo.

André Nogueira is a consultant in the Projects area. Previously, he worked in the Investment Bank area of ​​Banco Santander, where he participated in different mergers and acquisitions processes both on the buy side and on the sell side for companies in different sectors. He holds a degree in Economics from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo and is finishing his Masters in International Relations from the University of São Paulo. He is also part of CAENI-USP (Center for the Study of International Negotiations).

Antonio Quintanilla works for Prospectiva’s Political Analysis Unit (NAP) based out of Washington, D.C. He previously worked in Global Mobility and Compliance for the law firms Greenberg Traurig and Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, & Loewy. Mr. Quintanilla has also interned for PricewaterhouseCoopers the Library of Congress. He graduated in Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Latin American Studies – Political Economy and International Business Diplomacy at Georgetown University.

Bruna Becker is an IT consultant, where she supports government relations projects in the area of ​​information technology, and is responsible for monitoring and building policy analyzes and thematic issues. He served in the Interact Club and received a Rotary International Award for student exchange in Thailand. She was an intern at the Ministry of Defense, at the Pandiá Calógeras Institute. She also worked as a consultant at the UK Embassy in Brasilia, and worked for three years as a political consultant in the private sector. She holds a degree in International Relations from UnB, focusing on public policies and foreign policy. He has complementary training in IT Basics by FGV, and in Legislative Process by the Brazilian Legislative Institute.

Bruna Sousa is an intern at Prospectiva Macro Policy since April of 2018, and is currently taking part of the Health Department. Studying Political Science at the University of Brasilia and takes part of Strategos Junior Policy Consulting. She has also participated in the Politeia Project, a project in which simulates the process legislative of the Chamber of Deputies and Program of Tutorial Education in Political Science (PET/POL) in which the theme was the right of cities. Bruna, has also interned at the Federal Senate, in the historical files sector, and at the Federal District Court and Territories.

Caliel Calves is an intern of the Health team and studies International Relations at USP. Part of the Alumni network is the US Department of State through the StudyoftheU.S. InstitutesFor StudentsLeaders2018. It also works in parallel with research activities at the Center for the Study of International Negotiations (CAENI / USP), participating in several projects of the entity in a collaborative and independent manner in matters of international politics and economic cooperation.

Camila Fernandes is responsible for the communications area of Prospectiva with a focus on content creation, events organization and internal project support. She has two years of experience interning with the communications department in Eli Lilly prior to working with Prospectiva. She also interned in the public relations firm In Press Porter Novelli, where she worked on projects catered towards Ambev. She holds a degree in Social Communication with an focus in journalism, from the University of Anhembi Morumbi.

Diana Amorim is a consultant of the infrastructure team of Prospectiva and develops activities of research, analysis and mapping of stakeholders for the sector. Trained in the area of ​​international academic cooperation of USP and in the third sector with attendance on administrative procedures and public policies related to Brazilian refugee law. She is a student of International Relations at the University of São Paulo, with academic experiences in Turkey and France.

Dhiogo Rebouças, is a consultant at Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasília, dedicated to monitoring the Executive and Legislative branches for the health sector. His working experience includes the position of parliamentary advisor to the ex-Ministry of Planning, Miriam Belchior, where he was responsible for management and follow-up of strategic projects of the Federal Government. He holds a nachelor’s degree of Political Science from the University of Brasília, with a focus on e-government participation.

Emanuelle Lima is a government consultant and the team coordinator at Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasília. She is most experienced in the areas of heath and taxes, and monitors the Legislative and Executive branches. She graduated in Languages from the State University of Minas Gerais – Lavras.

Eveline Santos is an IT consultant, conducting the field activities related to the legislative matters of the clients, with solid knowledge regarding process and progress of projects.
Graduated in Political Science by UnB (2014) and Master in Sociology (2018) by the same university. In his master’s degree, he studied the bullet bench (worldview, internal coherence, and political force). She has experience in IPEA, analyzing multiannual federal and state plans and has been working for more than 3 years in political consulting.

Giulia Branco is a consultant in the Political Analysis Unit (NAP) at Prospectiva. She is experienced in field research of school management practices in the region of Chapada Diamantina, Bahia; on the environment and sustainability in Costa Rica, and on income transfer policies in the Indian village of Barra Velha, Bahia. Branco was a part of a mayor’s campaign coordination in the city of Primavera, Pernambuco, and was executive producer of the documentary “Primavera do Brasil”. For two years, she worked in engineering consulting for urban development projects, and structural development analysis of public administration. Branco graduated in Public Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, with additional training in International Relations.

Helena Esteves is a consultant at Prospectiva’s Macro policy Health Department, in Brasilia. She was the president of Strategos, a political consulting business that is part of UnB, where she directed political analysis projects and parliamentary research. Helena was also the president of the Central Directory of Students (DCE-UnB), acting as a representative of 40 million students, and interned with the Ministry of Exterior Relations, assisting with events and protocols relating to foreign ambassadors in General Coordination of Protocol. She holds a degree in Political Science from UnB.

Isabela Macêdo is a consultant for the Industry and Consumer Goods team, graduated in Political Science from UnB. She served in the Parliamentary Affairs Sub-Office of the Government Secretariat and as a parliamentary adviser in the Ministry of Planning, working on the articulation of priority projects for the government, focusing on fiscal and budgetary matters. As a consultant in the private sector, she has already defended the interests of health clients and the agro industry.

Matheus Maia is a consultant in Prospectiva’s Corporate Finance sector, focusing on financial structuring and project modeling. He worked for two years as a trainee in the area of Legal Entity Control at JP Morgan Bank. He was also an analyst at Valora, where he supported in the modeling of infrastructure projects and evaluation assessments in several sectors, and worked in Tectrans with the same focus. Matheus holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of São Paulo’s school of economics, business and accounting.

Thalys Freire is an intern for Prospectiva Macro policy and currently helps with the TI team. Graduating from University of Brasilia (UnB) with a degree in Political Science and general coordinator of the Politeia Project. She has served, for a year, in the parliamentary advisor services of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). At Prospectiva, she executes systematization information activities, and daily follow up issues of interest to clients in the areas of technology information, monitoring the movements of the executive and legislative powers.

Vanessa Ponitrolli is a consultant in Prospectiva’s health team, supporting analytical projects in political, sectorial, and strategic consulting. She has experience in the cosmetics sector, having interned in L’Oreal Brazil, and in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked at the public affairs and government relations department at Sanofi. She has a degree in International Relations with a focus in Government Relations from the ESPM institution in Brazil, and has academic experience in Antives (Côte D’Azur, France) and complementary training in government relations and corporate strategy from the Euvaldo Lodi Institute/National Confederacy of Industry.

Victor Casagrande is an intern of the Health team and studies International Relations at the University of São Paulo. He serves as vice president of RI USP Jr, in addition to integrating the research team “Governance in large metropolis: Paris, London and Mexico City and São Paulo in Comparative Perspectives” carried out by the Center for Metropolis Studies.


Antonio Augusto de Quieroz is a consultant at Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasilia. As a political analyst, he focuses on monitoring trends, the national congress, labor legislation, public services, and the legislative process, among other political areas.

Gianpaolo Machado Lage de Melo is an consultant at Prospectiva Macropolitica, in Brasilia. Previously, he worked as a tax advisor to the PPS and for one of the Board of Directors in the House of Representatives, also working as a consultant in Arko Advice. He holds a Master’s degree in Law, International Relations and Development from Universidade Católica de Goiás, with an emphasis in the Environmental Market. He also holds a postgraduate degree in Economic Integration and International Tax Law from the School of Finance Administration through a cooperation between the University of Münster and the Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

Zilmara David de Alencar:  Associate Consultant of Prospectiva Macropolitica specializing on union issues. She has represented the private sector, developing defense strategies alongside government entities, the judicial branch, and the Public Ministry. In the Ministry of Labor, she served as a legal consultant of the Ministry’s labor relations coordination. Previously, she worked at the National Council of Labor Relations, serving as Secretary of Labor Relations, coordinating the democratization of labor relations and executive actions of the council. Alencar has a background in law.

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